Ace the Video Interview and Land that Actuarial Job


ID-100207577It’s becoming more and more common for companies to conduct virtual interviews with candidates.

Video interviews typically happen one of two ways – one-on-one interviews conducted in real time, where you answer questions via a live chat; or you record your answers to a series of questions. Whichever method you use, follow these tips to help deliver a great interview.

Be prepared.

Much like you would with a typical in-office interview, prepare for your video interview by reviewing your work history, job posting and a list of questions you expect to be asked.

Dress appropriately.

While a video interview may feel more casual, you should still dress as though you were meeting the interviewer in-office.  This means dressing appropriate from head to toe, rather than just from the waist up – you never know when you’ll need to stand up or shift in your seat!  Be prepared and change out of those PJ bottoms.

Choose a quiet space.

Select a space where you wont be interrupted. Ensure it’s well lit and that your audience can hear you. If at all possible, try a test run on a friend several days before your interview is scheduled to begin.

Clean your environment.

Clean lose papers behind you, straighten up your desk and tidy your shelves – a clean environment makes a great impression. Take some screenshots with your webcam to see how it translates on camera.

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