Why Aiming too High Can Hurt Your Chances of a Raise


You wanted a raise but didn’t get it. Why not?

While many complicating factors can contribute to why you didn’t get the raise you were hoping for, the top two biggest mistake you can make are actually pretty simple: you either didn’t bring it up, or you aimed too high.

“You may have asked for a dollar amount or percentage increase that was far above the company norm. If so, your boss may feel you are totally out of touch with what you are worth and the company’s budget,” says Laura MacLeod, a career expert.

The best solution, when asking for more money, is to be well-prepared with industry and company salary figures. Once you have this information, “go back and revise your request, stating that you now have the stats to back it up,” MacLeod advises.

9 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get a Raise | Glassdoor



By Actuary.com

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