Should I Quit My Job?


Sometimes the decision to quit a job isn’t as clear as you’d expect. It could be months or years before you realize you’ve outgrown your role.

Just like a relationship, its important to recognize when you’re dissatisfied and when its time to move on.

You’re always stressed, angry or negative

Let’s face it; we spend the majority of our time at a job, and our level of overall happiness is significant tied to our job satisfaction. Unhappiness at work often translates to struggles at home. Move on! Find a new IT job with a more suitable work culture and life balance. Your personal life will thank you.

Your performance is suffering

You’ve worked hard in your position; don’t tarnish your good reputation by remaining in a job where your performance is suffering. If you’ve noticed your drive and dedication is gone, start looking for a job that renews your passion for work.

You’re not using your skill set

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in order to attain a certain skill set, make sure you put it to use! If you’re current job is mind numbing and monotonous, and does not challenge or help you grow, it may be time to move on.

You’re being abused

Your boss is verbally abusing you and making your work experience a living nightmare! You’ve tried meeting with your boss, your boss’ boss and/or Human Resources, and nothing helps. Its time to visit your favorite IT job board.

Your company is slowly crumbling

. While your company may have survived reorganization and downsizing, the rumor mill won’t slow down and you worry your job may disappear. Don’t go down with a sinking ship. Its time to jump!

You’re too comfortable

. You know your job role inside-and-out. In fact, you could do it in your sleep! While being comfortable in your job is a great feeling, staying too comfortable could prevent growth in your career.

A Word of Warning – Look Before You Leap!

It’s important to be strategic when deciding to leave your current position. While a more suitable position could be just around the corner, do your due diligence and consider both sides of the fence. If you’re unhappy at your current position, have you attempted to make positive changes? Have you met with your management team to discuss work-life imbalances, office culture or your desire to take on new challenges?

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