Why You Should Never Give Your Salary Information


Asking for your previous salary has almost become commonplace among recruiters, however revealing this information can be damaging to your future career, so says Liz Ryan of Forbes Magazine.

In addition to giving up any leverage you possess, Ryan argues that revealing your current salary information gives your potential new employer permission to determine your value based on your last position. When attempting to advance your earning potential, revealing your salary can really stunt your growth, costing you tens of thousands (if not more) over your career’s lifespan.

So what should you do when prompted for this information? Ryan suggests to refocus the conversation.

Instead of forking over your salary details, you can say, “In this job search I’m focusing on jobs in the $60K range.” All the recruiter really needs to know is what you are planning to earn in your next job — not what you earned in your last job.

Seems as though this philosophy is spreading. A newly signed law that goes into effect in 2018 will make it illegal to ask employees their past salary information in Massachusetts.

Six Ways You Lose When You Reveal Your Salary History | Forbes



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