Myth or Fact: Job-Hopping is Bad for Your Career

Myth or Fact: Job-Hunting is Good for your Career
Can job-hopping be right for you?

Listing too many jobs on a resume within short time frame was once considered a red flag for recruiters, suggesting an employee was a poor worker, unreliable and potentially in possession of poor relationship skills that could cause conflicts at work.

Any working IT professional can say with certainty that times have changed. The contrasting economic downturn and surge in technical professions have changed the working landscape. Recruiters are perfectly aware that in recent times, plenty of valuable employees have lost their jobs through no fault of their own – industries have changed and companies are downsizing.

Sticking with one company over an entire career span is an outdated notion, and switching jobs every few years is becoming more commonplace. Consider the following as reasons why job-hopping can be good for your career.

Why Job-Hopping may be Good for your career:

  • Your salary increases. Studies show that leaving your position in favor of another at a new company can increase your salary by 18-20%.
  • Your professional network expands. With every new position comes the potential to make new connections – friendships, mentorships and even future partnerships. Of course, in order to have a valuable network you shouldn’t burn bridges while leaving your job. (Read our blog post on how to quit your job without burning bridges)
  • You increase your marketable skills. With a new position often comes the potential to learn new skills or perfect existing ones.
  • You can maintain your passion. Changing your position and responsibilities every few years is a surefire way of preventing job burnout.

A modern career is made up of multiple positions where each role brings new responsibilities, contacts and a renewed passion for your work. If you’re looking for an actuary job – visit’s job board.

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