Improve Your Work-Life Balance


Find the Right Work-Life Balance in your IT JobYou’re ambitious, hard working, and trying to make a name for yourself in your professional life. Unfortunately, you’re also trying to live a life filled with friendship and relationships. While a proper work-life balance may seem impossible, the right strategies can significantly improve your mental health and overall happiness in both arenas.


  • Stay Organized. At the end of each work day, set your responsibilities for the next. When tasking yourself, be descriptive rather than broad. This will help you cross items off your list.
  • Take Your Vacation Time. Many hard workers are guilty of letting their owed vacation time expire. Don’t fall into this trap! Vacations allow you to unwind, only to return to work more rested and productive.
  • Learn to Say No. Proper time management requires you to say no when a task doesn’t suit your schedule. Create a set of priority criteria in determining whether or not you will accept a task – if the task doesn’t meet the criteria, say no!
  • Set a Realistic Timeline for Deliverables. Before agreeing to a timeline, be realistic. Consider that things rarely go according to a prearranged schedule and troubleshooting often throws a wrench in plans. Completing around 40%-60% of outlined tasks a day is typically more realistic. Does this new project fit into that timeline?


  • Get Some Exercise. Even if it means a brief walk before dinnertime, a little exercise can do wonders in helping you feel more energized and relaxed. A regular form of exercise can also help you slip into your post-work routine.
  • Get Adequate Sleep. A good night’s sleep helps the brain commit new information, which can actually improve your ability to retain information throughout the day. On the other hand, sleep loss can result in irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness.
  • Learn to Unplug. Draw a line between your work and personal life. Don’t be available 24/7! Turn off your work devices or schedule your work push notifications (such as email alerts) to allow for free time.
  • Schedule Downtime. Prioritize and schedule time for yourself and your loved ones. If it helps, mark this block of time in your calendar and stick to these meetings.

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