How Long Should My Resume Be?


After working multiple jobs over several years, it can be tempting to include your entire work history on your resume. But should you? The short answer is no.

Generally speaking, you should limit your resume to two pages and only include the most relevant and recent positions you’ve held. Forbes’ Liz Ryan argues “your most recent jobs are more important in your resume than your long-ago jobs are. If you’re wondering “How far back should my resume go?” the answer is  “As far back as the two-page resume-length limit will allow you to go.”’

If you’re unsure as to what you should cut from your work history, Ryan suggests keeping it short and simple:

“Don’t worry that vital information about your career will be unknown to prospective employers. It will still be on your LinkedIn profile where they can easily find it — especially since you will be sure to include your LinkedIn profile URL in the Contact section at the top of your resume.”

How Far Back Should My Resume Go? | Forbes Careers



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