How to Handle Rude Bosses


A recent letter-writer asked Forbes’ Magazine’s Liz Ryan how she can better deal with a moody manager who is often rude and on edge. Georgeann writes:

“‘Claire’ is almost always on edge. If you ask her a question when she isn’t in a good mood (and she’s only in a good mood two or three times in a week) she snaps at you.

She gets rattled very easily.

The other day I made a simple suggestion about a better way to run our weekly staff meetings and Claire said “I don’t pay you to think!”

What can I do about Claire’s snippy comments?”

How do you deal with a rude and generally unpleasant boss? Simple, review your future career goals and determine if the role you have is getting you closer towards your plans. If not, look for another job. There are plenty of jobs out there where your immediate manager doesn’t personally insult you. If this isn’t an option, you can attempt to improve your relationship with your manager by directly addressing the issue. Read the entire post here.


My Boss Told Me ‘I Don’t Pay You To Think’ | Forbes Magazine



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