You Hate Your Boss. Now What?


When dealing with a bad boss, your options are twofold: quit or make the situation more favorable. If quitting is out of the picture, the onus is on you to try and improve your situation. Once solution, according to Glassdoor’s Lillian Childress, is to simply ask your boss how you can do better:

This strategy will allow you to broach the topic of you and your boss’s relationship without you having to say why you’re bringing it up. If your boss responds with some simple fixes to your behavior or work that you can make in order to make things run more smoothly, this could be the key to the conflict. This can also give you the opportunity to explain why you might not be meeting your boss’s expectations, and find out what those expectations even are in the first place.

Childress also suggests you get to know your boss habits to learn what sets them off, and to avoid indulging in workplace gossip. If all else fails, it’s time to pack it up: “Staying tough is important, but it’s even more important to know where your limits are!

I Hate My Boss – What Do I Do? | Glassdoor



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